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Rupert Spira Podcast

Jul 25, 2022

In this latest Rupert Spira Podcast episode, Rupert presents a fascinating lecture on 'Non-duality and the Nature of Consciousness' for The Weekend University as part of their 'A Day On Consciousness' event in January, 2022.

During the talk, Rupert delves into all facets of consciousness and the nature of reality, giving the listener a truly felt sense of their experience being different from that taught to us in conventional, materialist thinking.

His presentation clearly dispels any myths about the existence of matter, and makes a concise and compelling case for consciousness being the ultimate reality of the universe – the non-dual philosophy that underlies all the great religious and spiritual traditions.

"The most profound problems that humanity faces – the despair felt by many people, the conflict experienced between individuals, communities and nations, and the exploitation and degradation of the earth – all stem ultimately from our mistaken notion of the nature of reality."