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Rupert Spira Podcast

Mar 22, 2022

In this episode Simon Mundie hosts a conversation between Rupert Spira and Bernardo Kastrup.

Simon opens this wide-ranging and far-reaching dialogue by stating that most people’s everyday, ordinary experience is that they are themselves an entity that happens to contain a mind, within a world of entities.

The two-hour conversation that follows is all about how this so-called common-sense perspective is, in fact, false.

Bernardo has two PhDs, one in computer science and another in philosophy. He was employed first at CERN, the European council for nuclear research, where he began working in artificial intelligence (AI) in connection with the Large Hadron Collider. Then he moved on to artificial consciousness (AC), wondering if he could build an artificially conscious entity, which piqued his interest in philosophy.

Simon Mundie is the host of the podcast 'Life Lessons: From Sport and Beyond’, which explores life's bigger questions.